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How To Add Emoji (Emoticon) Keyboard on your iPad for Free

Wednesday, 13 February 2013, 14:29 | Apple, How-To | 2 Comments | Read 14777 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

I am personally not an emoji keyboard fan, but I got intrigued by it recently when my wife told me about an app she had bought which allowed her to add some cool and funny emoticons to her messages and mails. This article is therefore dedicated to all those of you who have an iPhone (or an iPod touch) or an iPad and want to enjoy emoji keyboard without paying a dime. (and just for the record, my wife gave me a challenge last time when she was not able to figure out the phone number of the SIM card installed on an iPad)

In order to enable Emoji keyboard on your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad for free, please follow the steps listed below. I am on iOS 6, and therefore the screenshots and instructions assume that you too are on the latest iOS 6 version.

1. Click on Settings icon on your iOS device.

2. Once inside Settings, you need to tap on the menu item called “General” ( orange arrow in the picture below) and then tap on the menu item called “Keyboard”.

Keyboard setting lists down all the keyboards configured on your iOS device and also provides an option to add new keyboard.

How to Add Emoji Keyboard for FREE to your iOS Devices

3. Next tap on the menu item which says “Add New Keyboard” as shown in the image below.

From the image below you can see that I currently have only an “English (UK)” keyboard configured on the iPad.

Step by Step Instructions on adding an emoji (emoticon) keyboard to your iOS Device

4. On the list that is presented to you on the right hand side, You will need to scroll down to select “Emoji”. See picture below

How to add an Emoji keyboard to your iOS Devices for FREE

5. From the image below, you can see that an “Emoji” keyboard got added to my device.

Adding an Emoji (Emoticon) Keyboard to your iOS Devices. (Step by Step Instructions)

6. As a last step, in order to use the Emoji keyboard you just added, open any app which requires you to enter some text using a digital keyboard on your iPad or iPhone (or an iPod touch). I have opened “Mail” below.

Clicking on the globe icon will allow you to switch between all the configured keyboards. (Remember, I now have two – English and Emoji)

Adding an Emoticon keyboard to your iOS Device for FREE

  and here’s my free Emoji keyboard… Hurray!!!

Get an Emoji Keyboard on an iPad for FREE

And before i close this article, In order to make this whole content more engaging with the readers of Technofriends, i have also made a short video which explains all the steps above. Have a look and share your comments.

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