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Wink 2.0 – Create High Quality Presentations and Tutorials for PCs and Web [FREE] [Windows and Linux]

Monday, 14 May 2012, 20:13 | Technology, Windows | 0 Comment | Read 1439 Times
by swetha

You must have excellent presentation skills when you wish to present your new product to your customers, clients or to demo a new feature in your product or application. More importantly, if you are a new entrant in a highly competitive domain, you always endeavour to create a top quality presentation about your product or application, that can be posted on the web space to attract more customers worldwide. To create an effective presentation stuffed with high quality audio, video and images, you need a good presentation software. Of course, Microsoft Powerpoint presentation is one simple and famous tool that you will pick to create a wonderful presentation. However, if you are looking forward to create a presentation that can be screen cast via the web, you have to choose a software that can work great on the web platform too. Libreoffice’s Impress tool also helps you to create wonderful presentation much similar to MS Powerpoint presentation software.

In this article, I shall write about a very simple, effective and FREE presentation software called Wink 2.0 that can help you to create amazing presentations with audio, video, images pulled in together. The best part of Wink is that it can be plugged on to the internet, so that people across the globe can enjoy watching your high quality presentations. Have a look at the features and benefits of this FREE and powerful tool which can be used to for both Home and Business purposes.

Wink 2.0 Presentation and Tutorial Creation software features 

  • Add Audio.High Quality Audio is one of the important aspects of any presentation. Crisp clear audio not only engages the viewers but also help them understand your content better.  Wink 2.0 lets you add audio to every presentation you create using the software. An option in this tool helps you to record your voice as you narrate the video content. For instance, when you are creating a tutorial, you can record using a Microphone connected to a PC, as you explain various aspects of your video like how-to steps, important features and options etc.,
  • Variety of Input/Output formats.Wink 2.0 supports a wide variety of input/output formats. Simply stated, input is your images, audio and video content to the Wink tool. Wink includes an in-built or screen capture tool so that you can capture an image from your PC in almost all the popular formats. You can also choose images already  stored in your PC of BMP/JPG/PNG/TIFF/GIF formats and add them to the presentation. Once your presentation is ready, the next important step is to output your content in a viewable format. You may choose to upload your presentation or tutorial on to the web or to multiple PCs . Based on your requirement of distribution needs, you can save the presentation or tutorial as Macromedia Flash, Executable files, PDF files etc.,
  • Smart Screen Capture Tools.The screen capture feature in Wink is faster and highly effective, because it helps you to instantly capture the PC screen as you move your mouse or any keyboard input. It generates professional screen captures using Wink.
  • High Quality Presentations.When you need to upload your presentation files to the web, it is ideal if you have a comparatively smaller and high-quality content. Wink 2.0 helps you to compress your files and flash presentations which you can upload on the web. The software incorporates high-end innovative compression techniques to reduce the file size without loss of quality. Alternatively if you choose not to compress the flash presentations, you can also import it several Flash editors for further tweaking if you need any.

Wink 2.0 supports several languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese etc., It’s also cross-platform and runs on Windows and Linux versions. Click here to download Wink 2.0 for FREE.


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