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JamCloud – FREE Social Music App to Search,Create and Share Music and Videos with the World [Windows and Mac]

Thursday, 26 April 2012, 15:37 | Windows | 0 Comment | Read 1359 Times
by swetha

Music and Video softwares or apps never get boring if you love Music. I’m sure there’s none who dislikes great music and fun videos! You normally surf and watch your favourite videos on YouTube. No doubt YouTube is a great platform to share your favourite lists. However, if you wish to watch videos or listen to music with your friends network, share your playlists and create your station and let the world tune in to your station, YouTube alone may not suffice. You need a special tool that helps you to get more out of your video and music collection. I just came across a cool app called JamCloud that will not only help you organize your video and music stuff and take them wherever you go,  but also share them with the world and customize it as per your wish.  This article will highlight the features and benefits of JamCloud

JamCloud is a Social Music app that lets you play music and watch videos with your friends in real-time and it’s absolutely FREE. As the reader knows, Social Music is getting highly popular these days where you have more fun when you enjoy listening to Music and watching videos in a group. JamCloud being a social music app, you can even get an international audience by creating special music and video rooms and let the people across the globe tune in to your playlist! Take a look at the features and benefits of this cool social app.

JamCloud FREE Social Music App features

Enjoy the freedom of watching, sharing music and videos. Being one of the top features of this app, this will give you total freedom to Search, choose the music and videos as per your wish.  The tool has a collection of over 325 million awesome songs and videos. You can pick your favourite using the search option of this tool. There are these Most watched,  most popular, most discussed categories of music and videos which help you get an easy and fun pick!

Create Libraries and playlists of your choice and share them with the world. With its user-friendly interface you can create playlists with just a drag and drop. Also, create a library of web videos without downloading any content! Your playlist can be made as a personal and customized station ready for the world to tune in! Creating playlist gets easier with an option of direct import from YouTube in a single click.

Sync the playlist with the Social Networking sites. After all this is a social app,  where is the fun if you don’t have the option to have a quick peek in to your friends Facebook walls to get a share of some great music? While creating playlists you can import music and videos from your friends’ Facebook walls. Of course, you can also share what you are currently watching or listening instantly on your Facebook wall and on Twitter. If you are someone who has an amazing taste of great music, sharing your collection to your Facebook network using this tool will help you promote you, your opinions and your playlists! So, here is a cool way to get more popular!

I greatly recommend JamCloud to the music and video lovers and for ones who have great taste of music and have interesting opinions to share with the world. With its easy interface and cool features, JamCloud helps you create different genres of music and videos in a jiffy and share them too! What’s more, talk about videos and music and get popular. The app works on Windows and Mac. Don’t you think this app is pretty cool to try out? Click here to install the app for FREE. Give it a shot and write your comments below.


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