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Crashplan – FREE Software To Take Automatic Data Backups both Online and Off-site(Local PC)

Monday, 23 April 2012, 20:57 | Technology | 1 Comment | Read 1606 Times
by swetha

We talk a lot about taking regular backup of your data, but even being a regular user of your Home PC, you may often forget or ignore it totally. One of the reasons may be that you still have not zeroed in on a good data backup software yet. Sometimes you expect your data backup software to take regular and automatic backups of your data, no matter what. However, not many softwares have a full-fledged capability to take regular and automatic backups of your data. Today, in this article I shall write about a data backup software that I use so that you could give a try too. The software has a no-nonsense interface and has plenty of cool features that will ease out your job of taking crucial data backups. Above all, the data backup is more of a social backup and you can even choose to take backup at your friend and family’s network too!

Crashplan is the software I’m writing on today and some of you might be already familiar with this cool tool. Getting a better insight into the software’s program will surely help those who haven’t tried using this software. Well, as such, Crashplan software has different schemes and products to suit Home users, Business professionals, corporate companies etc., This article will focus on Crashplan’s basic and free version that can be the best for Home Users who wish to take backups of personal data.

Crashplan  Data backup Software Features

Smart, Automatic Onsite and Offsite Data backup. One of the best things about this software is that the backup happens automatically all by itself. Even if there’s any interruption while taking backups, Crashplan resumes the backup once the computer is up again. Again, the data backup happens at both the on site location which you specify and also locally on your PC. Much like many backup softwares, you can also schedule the backup by specifying when exactly you wish to have the backup taken.

Multi Destination Backup. You can choose to take backups to multiple destinations. It may be your computer or to any attached drives or any remote PC or server. Crashplan automatically backs up the files and folders on attached drives too. Crashplan determines the order of your backups based on which destination will complete first- that too automatically. Naturally, local backups happen first and then the remote backups.

Secure Data backup. One of the most critical aspect which makes you ponder again and again before you start using a backup software is the data security offered by it. Of course, you can’t jeopardize your data especially when you are using a social backup tool like Crashplan. Nothing to worry as Crashplan’s 128 -bit encryption secures your files at your source, even before the actual backup happens. That means, your friends can’t even view the names of the files  and only you can see and access your files. Also, there are multiple level password protection that you can opt to safeguard your files before taking a remote social backup. Like, You can use a private password wherein you have to specify a password everytime you open the files. You can also use a private key that will simply replace the default encryption key for an enhanced security. With all these security options at hand, you will have a completely safe backup. What’s important here is that you remember your private password to open your files.

Unlimited File Size. Unlike most of the other backup softwares, Crashplan doesn’t restrict the file size you wish to backup.  Pretty useful feature.

Complete Data Recovery. Data recovery of even deleted files happen with the help of Crashplan. Well, yes, Crashplan keeps everything for you and you can even go back in time, choose an old date and recover particular files.

Crashplan works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris. Click for a FREE Download of Crashplan here.  Write us your experience about this software below.

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