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How to Create an Online Store- Step by Step Guide for Small Business Owners

Tuesday, 1 November 2011, 16:43 | How-To | 0 Comment | Read 592 Times
by swetha

Research has shown that Small businesses help a nation to thrive even at times of Economic crisis. So, no doubt these small-sized businesses are one of the driving forces of a Nation’s economic prosperity. Are you an owner of a start-up company or a small to medium-sized business trying to create a niche in the market you are in? Do you wish to open a small business,  eyeing to sell a product which can be a super hit in the near future? One of the first things you could do is to create a better online identity for yourself by opening a Facebook page for your business, create your own website to market your products and services or  rather create an online store using an E-commerce soultion.

To design an online store, you may have to shell out a lot of bucks which may be often difficult, especially if you are new to the business or if you are someone who has set a tighter budget. So, Now, Is there an alternative where you can still have a great online store exclusively designed for your business without spending much on it? Yes, Of course. Here is when E-commerce solutions come handy for you.  Today, I shall write about how to start a simple online store with one of the best E-commerce solutions called Shopify.


How to create an online store using Shopify?

Shopify is one of the best customizable E-commerce solutions that will help you to create your online store instantly giving an awesome personal touch to your online store.  Learn how below:

  • Surf to Shopify. On the Home page, click on Open your Store Now button.
  • Choose from the various plans like Basic, Professional, Business and Unlimited depending upon your need.
  • Before you pick a plan, do remember to go through the plan details. Well, you can choose any plan and switch to a different plan anytime you wish. You can also get a FREE TRIAL of all the plans. You have a great deal of flexibility in using Shopify.
  • Click on START FREE TRIAL button. Give a suitable name for your online store Ex.MyCozyfurnitureMart, FashionShop etc.,
  • Once you give a name for your online store, you will get a URL (Universal Resource Locator – a website address) for your online store. Ex.
  • Select a template for your online store from the options given below. You have the option to pick a free or paid template.
  • Next, fill in your contact details, and credit card info in the given boxes.
  • Click on Create my Shopify Store.
  • Once you are done, you will get an E-mail confirmation from Shopify about your online store creation.
  • Open the URL (Web address) and have a first look at how your online store will look like.
  • Remember, you can change or manage anything about your online store by surfing to the online stores’s admin page. Ex:  Orders, Products, Collections, Blogs and Pages, Navigation, Marketing, Recent orders etc.,
  • Now, Let’s learn how to create a new product. Under Products section give a name for your product and write a description about the product. Also select the product type, product vendor, selling price, weight etc.,
  • Don’t forget to add a cool image of your product.
  • You can specify settings related to tracking inventory, whether you want the users to purchase products when out of stock or not etc.,
  • Finally add a logo. Go to Themes-> Theme Settings. Here you get a lot of options to customize your logo according to your choice. You can change colors, borders, background buttons, typography, images etc.,
  • Well, your new product is ready for sale!
  • Now, let’s create  a new order by creating an order for the above product. To do that, select the product and click on add to cart.
  • Fill out the customer details including the payment gateways that you prefer and your credit card details. A new order will be created now.
  • Under the Orders tab, you will see the newly places order. You will also get an Email/ SMS on your mobile regarding the placement of a new order.
  • Click on the newly created order to open it. Now, click on Accept Payment to capture the payment. Now you can fulfill the items when you ship the product to your customer.

This is it! You just created an online store using shopify and learnt how to create a product and accept payment for the orders!

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