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Step By Step Guide on How To Upload DVD to YouTube

Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 15:43 | How-To | 1 Comment | Read 631 Times
by swetha

YouTube lets you watch and share videos online. You may have a collection of videos from your personal or professional life using which you can share your experience and learnings with others. In YouTube you can share it all. Your videos get rated, recommended or liked by tons of online viewers. Their comments, suggestions can always help you improvise your video presentations!

Imagine you just attended a friend’s party, a family function, public entertainment event or a religious celebration. I’m sure you would have covered the great event and made a neat DVD (an optical disk to store high quality video-audio content) to relish the sweet memories for years to come. You also realize it would be great option to upload your DVD content on to YouTube, so that your friends, peers and relatives in distant countries can view them quickly. This article will help you learn the easy way out to upload the DVD to YouTube.

Step1 : Rip or Extract the Video from DVD to your hard drive.

This is the first and foremost step that involves getting the video content out of your DVD. To do this, you need a DVD ripping software. In Technofriends, we have a number of articles on these softwares that are FREE or those that come with a price tag. Using any of these softwares you can easily extract the video content and save it on to your computer’s hard disk drive. For instance let’s use Vidcoder, a FREE DVD ripper software to carry out this process. Insert your DVD in to the drive and Invoke the Vidcoder software. In the Vidcoder->Source option, select the VIDEO_TS  folder of your DVD.

Step 2: Start the Conversion process.

For this step to happen, you really do not need to anything. Because the Vidcoder (or your DVD ripper software) will take care of the conversion process as soon as you hit the button ‘Encode’. In fact, I recommend leaving all the default settings intact and you do not need to change any setting here. However, you need to add all the titles in the DVD to the queue for the automatic conversion process. For this, choose the File->Enqueue Multiple Titles in the Vidcoder software and hit ‘Encode’ to start the conversion process. Depending on the length or duration of your DVD video, this process will take shorter or longer time.Wait until the software completes the conversion process.

Step 3: Get the Extracted Videos ‘YouTube Ready’

Before you start uploading your Videos to YouTube, you have to do something very important. Yes, check on the duration of your Video. Because, YouTube does not let you upload the videos that are longer than 15 minutes in duration (length). So what can you do is, split the whole video into smaller chunks of 15 minutes or lesser. For this, you can make use of EncodeHD, an awesome freeware that splits the video into smaller clips that can be uploaded to YouTube.(These smaller sized videos can perfectly be transferred to portable devices like mobile phones too). Another simple little utility that I shall recommend for this purpose is My MP4box GUI. Use the join option to combine all the DVD videos in the right order and save into a single file. Now go to the split tab, select the  joined file and set the duration to be 15 in ‘Split by duration’ option.


Step 4: Upload the Videos to YouTube

Goto YouTube and click on Upload option on the top right corner. To upload the videos, you need to sign in to any of your google account and enter a username. Click Upload video and select the videos to upload.

Step 5: Create a playlist of your videos

This is a simple but rather important step that you should not miss out. Because, this lets your friends and your network or the people across the world to see the videos in a proper order. For this You can go to YouTube’s My Videos&Playlist and click the New button to create a new playlist and start adding your video collections to your playlist.

So, that’s it! So, get ready to entertain the world by sharing some of your best DVD collections through YouTube. Write your comments and suggestions below. Do you know you can upload multiple videos to YouTube using TubeShack

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