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Google Rolls Out New and Improved Search Page for Tablets

Monday, 1 August 2011, 18:39 | Google | 0 Comment | Read 570 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Tablets and Smart phones are consistently taking the consumer market by storm in the recent years. The future will also see more and more people using tablets and smartphones for their personal and work purposes. Just think about browsing the internet on these touch-smart devices. The entire browsing experience should be easy, stylish and fun! Isn’t right? Google, the search engine giant has rightly understood that. It has taken key steps in re designing and refining its search page and the whole functionality. Now all you get is super flexibility, easy internet browsing via your tablets.

Google Rolls out new and improved search page for tablets

Evolving the Google Design and Experience

A couple of months back Google introduced a new look and feel of the Google search page. As you may see it now, it has a fresh look that concentrates on three important factors –Focus, Elasticity and effortlessness. I hope you are enjoying every bit of the new Google page that helps you to easily search and locate online the stuff you want. Now, it’s the time for the tablet users to get the most of the Google search page!

Yes, Google has rolled out a new look of the Google Search page that improves the search experience on the tablets. It has neatly simplified the layouts of the search results pages. Also, the contents like text, buttons and other touch-targets are increased in size for better viewing and one-touch browsing. Whether it’s a portrait or landscape view, everything will now be faster and easier to access.

Refined Search Button

Find a search button right below the search text box that will provide you faster access to particular types of search results – images, videos, places, shopping etc., Just tap it once on the search menu and then select any option from the above to see the specific results.

Better Image Results

Viewing of images is much enhanced in the new roll out. You can enlarge image previews, scroll continuously. Loading of image thumbnails is much faster too!

Well, some of you might already be using the above new and improved Google search experience on your iPad and Android (3.1 and above) tablets, that is available for 36 languages. Write your experience below.

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