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Google Analytics Tells You How You Gain with Google +1

Thursday, 30 June 2011, 21:14 | Google | 0 Comment | Read 906 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Google is getting social in every other way. The addition of +1 button and the release of Google+ invites are making waves in the social media platform.  Now it’s the Google Analytics tool that makes the headlines. As you know, Google Analytics is a simple yet powerful tool to track a website’s traffic. After the inclusion of +1 button on all the websites, wouldn’t love to know how  many +1s your website, service or blog have received? I’m sure you will be! And that’s exactly why Google Analytics tool and Webmaster tool have gotten all the attention now. Yes, it has got a couple of brand New reports to track and report the social media actions on your website!

Google Analytics and Webmaster – New reports to track +1

Google Analytics tool will now on report the impacts of +1s and the whole value it can bring in to your website. +1 metrics in the Google Webmaster tools will show how +1 button affects the inbound traffic to your page. There are reports like Search impact, Activity and Audience each of them effectively tracking, sorting, comparing and reporting the number of +1s your site received – either through a direct click from your website / blog or from Google search results click. What’s more you will also know the aggregate of geographic and demographic information about the Google users who +1’d your website. This way you will know people in which part of the world liked you content or services! It’s that easy now!

Google +1 Social Media Impact Reports in Analytics

Social PluginTracking tool

This is another tool that tracks not just the +1s but also the impacts of Facebook likes, Twitter tweets etc., There are Social Engagement, Social Actions, Social pages reports that will give a neat review of how your site behaviour alters by these social button clicks, number of clicks on your site, compare the pages on your site that receive the maximum social button clicks.

All said and done, Google is in full swing to promote its +1 feature and that’s so clear from the pic above!

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