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List All Wireless Network Keys Stored on your Windows Computer [Freeware]

Saturday, 19 February 2011, 14:58 | Free, Windows | 0 Comment | Read 1272 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

With Wireless Networks now present everywhere, it is essential for anyone who uses a wireless network to safeguard the system and the entire network.  Most of today’s Network routers enable users (both office and Home) to set up high degree of Wireless security.  In simple steps you can set up Wireless Network Keys. But what if you forget the keys or lost those keys?  If you are looking for a good utility that will list the entire set of Wireless keys in the Wireless network module of your Windows Operating System and dump them at a place? You can use WirelessKeydump, another wonderful utility from Nirsoft.

WirelessKeyDump - List all WIreless Network Keys on your Windows computer

  • WirelessKeydump is a simple console application (works from Command Prompt), that dumps the list of all wireless keys (Both WAP and WEP) stored by the Wireless networks module of Windows OS.
  • The utility works on Windows version 2000 and above. (up to Windows 7/2008)
  • For Windows 7/Vista/ 2008, open the command prompt from the ‘Administrator’ mode (‘Run As Administrator’) mode.
  • Like many tools of Nirsoft, this utility also doesn’t need any installation or additional DLL files.
    • Just open your Command prompt and run the utility inside it .
    • In few seconds, all the wireless keys stored by the Windows Operating System will be dumped in to the console window.
    • You can freely distribute this utility via`CD-ROM’, Internet or in any way. Make sure that you include the entire package of this utility (all the files in it) when you distribute.

To download WirelessKeydump, surf to the official page by clicking here. There is a separate version of this tool for X64 systems that you have to download.

WirelessKeyDump is a great tool for everyone, especially the network administrators to troubleshoot issues related to Wireless network keys. If you are annoyed because you have lost or forgotten your wireless network key(s), you can quickly use this tool to get them all in few seconds.

The other tool which lists the keys in a neat GUI is WirelessKeyView. It is also a freeware software from Nirsoft.

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