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Download Skype 5 now [Adds Support for Facebook and Group Video Calling]

Friday, 15 October 2010, 8:16 | Skype | 0 Comment | Read 749 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Latest version of Skype, Skype 5 has been released and the software now supports Facebook integration and also Group Video Calling features. In this article, i will walk you through the latest features provided by Skype 5. Skype 5 works with Windows.

Download Skype 5 now [Adds Support for Facebook and Group Video Calling]

With Facebook integration, Skype has no doubt got more social and with this you can:

  • See your Facebook News Feed in Skype.
  • Post status updates that can be synced with your Skype mood message.
  • Comment and like friends’ updates and wall posts.
  • Call and SMS your Facebook friends on their mobile phones and landlines.
  • Make a free Skype-to-Skype call if your Facebook friend is also a Skype contact.

Group Video Calling is now in Open Beta, and with the new version of Skype, users will also get a free trial of group video calling. When talking about Group Video Calling feature of Skype, its worthwhile to mention the dynamic group video calling view added by Skype. Dynamic Video Calling view allows a user to follow who’s talking by moving the focus to the person speaking on the call.

Other enhancements to Skype 5 include, addition of automatic call recovery module, this specific module helps you to reconnect calls which get interrupted due to internet bandwidth and other connection problems.

Click here to download Skype 5. Do remember, it works only on Windows.

Also checkout the video embedding below.

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