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Android2Cloud pushes webpages from your Android Device to Google Chrome

Monday, 16 August 2010, 12:14 | Android, Google | 1 Comment | Read 604 Times
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In case if you have an interesting webpage open on your Android device, the way (known till now) to open the page on your desktop’s Google Chrome was, by either emailing the URL or remembering it and then typing it back on your desktop. However, a neat utility called Android2Cloud, does this for you quickly-and-easily and for free.

When using your android device, it is easy to come across long articles or things not suited for viewing on a phone. android2cloud hijacks the “Share” intent on android, allowing you to push those articles and webpages to your browser with the push of a button.

Below are the steps to help you get started.

1.) Install the Android app from Android marketplace. Search for “android2cloud” (without quotes). [this is the mobile piece]

2.) Install the Google Chrome extension from here. [this is the desktop piece]

3.) You will need to get your both browsers verified for the push to work. This is done by making use of your Google Account. [yes, you need a google account].

4.) Once you have the account verified, you can directly hit the Share Page option to open the webpage in your Google Chrome browser.

Checkout below the embedded video which walks you through the app and how it works.

via Lifehacker

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