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[Mac] FTP Client Cyberduck 3.5 Released (Adds Google Docs Storage Support)

Thursday, 10 June 2010, 8:44 | Free, Mac, Tools | 0 Comment | Read 596 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

If you use a Mac, Cyberduck is a must-have FTP client. Developers of Cyberduck have now released Cyberduck 3.5 which adds many new features and bug fixes. However, the worth-mentioning feature of Cyberduck 3.5 is the support for Google Docs Storage.

FTP Client for Mac-- Cyberduck 3.5 Released.

Some of the cool features worth mentioning in this article are

1.) Support for uploading docs directly via FTP to Google Docs account. What this means is that you can directly download as well as upload documents straight from your Docs server from your Mac.

2.) Cyberduck 3.5 supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which means, you can also upload and convert images in GIF, JPEG and PNG format to Google Docs as text documents.

3.) Cyberduck 3.5 has also added some more features to its already existing Amazon S3 feature. Cyberduck 3.5 now supports plain text connection support, support for SecurID passcodes, and a Reduced Redundancy Storage option.

You can download Cyberduck 3.5 for your Mac from here. If you already have it installed, you must get a new version available note, acting on it will install Cyberduck 3.5 on your Mac.

Below is the complete change release list of the latest Cyberduck 3.5

  • [Localize] Slovenian Localization
  • [Localize] Romanian Localization
  • [Feature] Google Docs storage support (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Convert uploads to Google Docs format (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Download format preferences for documents (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for image uploads (Google Docs)
  • [Feature] Support for Asia Pacific (Singapore) location (S3)
  • [Feature] Support for keyboard-interactive authentiation using SecurID (#4459) (SFTP)
  • [Feature] HTTP plain text connection support to connect to third party S3 servers (#4181) (S3)
  • [Feature] Custom metadata attributes (#4063) (S3, Rackspace Cloud Files)
  • [Feature] Configure Access Logs for CloudFront streaming distributions (S3)
  • [Feature] Option for Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) (S3)
  • [Bugfix] Overwrite files causes append (S3) (#4419)
  • [Bugfix] Connect anonymously to public buckets (S3) (#4480)
  • [Bugfix] Help menu items disabled (#4406)

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