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[How-To] Import RSS Feed into your Facebook Fan Page

Saturday, 3 April 2010, 19:47 | Facebook, How-To | 0 Comment | Read 551 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

In my earlier article, i wrote step by step instructions for creating a Facebook Fan Page.Once you have followed the instructions from the previous article, am sure the next step you would want is to add an RSS feed (possibly of your Website or Blog) to keep your fans up-to-date of the articles or posts that you write.

In this article, i will provide you with the necessary steps (read: step by step instructions) to add / import RSS feed of your blog / website into your Facebook Fan page.

1.) First, you need to be logged into your Facebook account. Next, you need to navigate to the Facebook Fan Page which you have created. You can do so by Navigating to the Advertising link (on the bottom of the Facebook page). Next, click on the link which says “Pages”. Then click on “Manage your existing pages”.

Import RSS Feed into your Facebook Fan Page

2.) Next, click on the “+” tab to add a Notes section. If you already have a Notes section on your Facebook fan page, click on Edit in the Notes section.

3.) Under Notes Settings, click on Import a blog.

4.) Enter the website address or blog feed url in the section.

5.) Once you have imported, you will be asked to confirm the import. Once you confirm the import, Facebook will automatically poll for any changes on the feed every few hours and update your Fan page.

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