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Add a “Call Me” button on your Facebook Profile

Wednesday, 27 January 2010, 12:22 | Facebook | 0 Comment | Read 1334 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Using 8×8 Inc’s new Facebook App, you can add a “Call Me” button to your Facebook profile, thereby allowing users to call you, without having to reveal your phone number to the world. Your phone number remains hidden behind the application and is not exposed to the other FB user.

If you are wondering about, how the who app works. Here you go, Once you have installed and activated the app, Your friends click the Call Me button on your profile to call you directly. The app asks your friend about the phone number from which they wish to make the call. Next, their phone rings first. Once they pick up the phone, the call goes through to you. 8×8 use the power of VoIP technology to make connecting with your friends.

The app is free to use. If you are someone who is a small business owner or consultant, you might be interested in such an app.

Personlly, i like such an app given the fact that i can easily control ( using the Privacy Settings of Facebook) as to who sees what on my Facebook profile. What about you?

You can visit the application page by clicking here.

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