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TorrIndex is First Magnet Only Torrent Index

Monday, 18 January 2010, 8:36 | Torrents | 0 Comment | Read 967 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Last November, The Pirate Bay decided to close down its tracker. According to The Pirate Bay team, BitTorrent has evolved up to a point where trackers are no longer needed. With the evolution of ecosystem around Magnet Links, tracking is taking a very different turn.

Traditionally, .torrent files are downloaded from torrent sites. A torrent client then calculates a torrent hash (a kind of fingerprint) based on the files it relates to, and seeks the addresses of peers from a tracker (or the DHT network) before connecting to those peers and downloading the desired content.

Sites can save on bandwidth by calculating torrent hashes themselves and allowing them to be downloaded instead of .torrent files. Given the torrent hash – passed as a parameter within a Magnet link – clients immediately seek the addresses of peers and connect to them to download first the torrent file, and then the desired content.

It is worth noting that BitTorrent can not ditch the .torrent format entirely and rely solely on Magnet links. The .torrent files hold crucial information that is needed to start the downloading process, and this information has to be available in the swarm.

TorrIndex is the world’s first torrent site without torrents. It relies on magnet links and thereby saves bandwidth and resources.

Instead of hosting torrent files, the site uses magnet links exclusively. The magnet links on TorrIndex also include the trackers from the original torrent, and they are properly formatted so they look just like regular torrent downloads in your torrent client.

TorrIndex gathers the links from various other torrent sites on the net and also allows users to add magnet links to the site. At first sight it seems that the site uses well respected and moderated sources, since the number of fake and spammy magnet links are lower than on many regular torrent sites.

1.) TorrIndex is first magnet only Torrent index.

2.) The website is nothing fancy. Its just a search engine for searching for magnet links.

3.) TorrIndex gathers the links from various other torrent sites on the net and also allows users to add magnet links to the site.

4.) TorrIndex is also the first to use DHT information for their seed and peer count.

Magnet Only links might soon become a future of Torrent search engines.

Adapted from LifeHacker and TorrentFreak.

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