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[India] Virgin Mobile India Launches vFlash USB Broadband Card

Friday, 15 January 2010, 8:41 | India, Technology | 8 Comments | Read 1164 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Virgin Mobile India, as part of its strategy to expand into data services, is now, offering high speed USB broadband data card marketed under the name “vFlash”.

vFlash USB modem will be available for a price of Rs.3499 and apart from offering broadband speed of upto 3.1Mbps can also be used as a pen drive with 8 GB storage.

Apart from high speed internet, vFlash also other various features like vFlash TV ( a live TV service, similar to the one launched earlier by Tata Photon+) and on-demand video download service.

Flash TV offers you a large list of channels that you can access while on the move.

When it comes to tariff, following are the various plans available with vFlash, high speed mobile USB broadband. In short, tariff plans vary from Rs 250 per month to Rs. 1100 per month.

1.) vStart: Under the vStart plan, you need to pay a monthly rental of Rs 250. There is no free usage attached and you will need to pay Rs 1 /min for usage. This is quite strange as the plan measures usage based on time, instead of bytes downloaded / uploaded.

2.) vBase: Next in line is the vBase plan wherein, a consumer will be charged Rs 500 as monthly rental. You will get 0.5 GB of free usage and an overage charge of Rs. 0.50 / MB will be charged for every extra MB.

3.) vEconomy: vEconomy plan will put you down by Rs 750 every month. It will provide you with 2GB of free usage and overage charges of Rs. 0.50/MB for every extra MB.

4.) vConnect: vConnect plan comes with a monthly rent of Rs 950. Offers 2 GB of Daytime download and upload and 10 GB of Night time download and upload. Overage charges of Rs. 0.50 / MB will be charged for every extra MB. Day usage – 7 AM to 11 PM; Night Usage – 11 PM – 7 AM.

5.) vMax: vMax allows you to get 10 GB of free usage for a rental of 1100 Rs per month. Overage charges of Rs. 0.50 / MB will be charged for every extra MB

You can get more details at

As an introductory offer, Virgin Mobile is offering following

  • Zero data tariff rental for th first bill! (as per the bill cycle)
  • Zero rental for 30 days on vFLASH TV
  • Unlimited downloads on “on Demand” services for 30 days (introductory offer valid till 31st march).

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  • Mayank Gupta

    Sad part is that these services aren’t offering unlimited downloads in any of the plan. They should offer this kind of plan and the day they’ll do it.. there subscriber count will rise up like any thing…

  • Vaibhav

    Very true. But i guess that’s because of some kind of limitation ( read: infrastructure) at their end. What do you think?

  • Srinidhi

    this is one of worwst serice/offer which i have ever seen. Please compare with the other service providers and provide a competative price. Do the market survey or analysis in a proper pay. its waste for spending on R & D for such type of offers.

  • Mahesh

    How many price for Broad band card Vergin Mobile

  • adarsh

    is there anyone who has used it? how good is it? bangalore based user comments will be helpful. please mention up/down speeds.

  • SavindraSingh

    DO NOT BUY Virgin Mobile’s vFLASH DATACARD even if they offer it to you for free.

    If you want this datacard (Modem device) I will give it to you for free.

    I was victim of their trap. And this modem is laying useless since then. I would like to give it to anyone for free if they want. But I can’t tolrate their bad service.

  • Vaibhav

    Hi Savindra

    For the benefit of others, could you share what’s so bad about the vFlash Data Card?


  • ashwin

    virgin broadband are cheating in india.
    they are providing 10mbps unlimited broadband in just Rs.1000 in UK only,
    so they have to provide this types of plan in india also!
    but they are noy doing this.