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Connect Your Laptop to your TV with Netgear Push2TV

Friday, 8 January 2010, 14:00 | Technology | 0 Comment | Read 1481 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

With the current wave of digital media, it is definitely a fun idea to be able to connect your computer / laptop to your TV quickly and with ease. Netgear’s Push2TV is a wireless display adapter which can help you link your laptop to your TV.

Netgear Push2TV picks up wireless signals from your laptop and using a wire (which needs to be connected between your TV and the Push2TV device) it streams your desktop to the TV. While the whole setup is super easy, the only issue is, Netgear Push2TV works only with Intel-based computers which have in-built Wireless Display Technology.

1.) Netgear Push2TV allows you to experience your videos and pictures in HD on your large screen HDTV.

2.) Instead of using your Laptop screen, with Netgear Push2TV, you can use your large screen HDTV as your monitor.

3.) You do not need any wires to connect your laptop PC with Push2TV.

While Netgear Push2TV is a neat device, the major downside of the device supporting only Intel-based computers which have in-built Wireless Display Technology can limit its potential.

Netgear Push2TV will be available this month, bundled with select laptops at Best Buy, or sold separately for $100.

What do you think about its impact on sales of Vunow and Amkette Flash TV?

Via Gizmodo.

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