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WPA Cracker Can Crack WPA-PSK Passwords in just 20 minutes

Monday, 14 December 2009, 0:42 | security | 0 Comment | Read 2204 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

WPA CRACKER is a new hacking service which claims to crack WPA (Wi-fi password protection) password in jut 20 minutes for just US $34.

The service claims to be a useful tool for penetration testers and network auditors who need to check the security of WPA-PSK protected wireless networks.

WPA-PSK networks are vulnerable to dictionary attacks, but running a respectable-sized dictionary over a WPA network handshake can take days or weeks. WPA Cracker gives you access to a 400CPU cluster that will run your network capture against a 135 million word dictionary created specifically for WPA passwords.

WPA CRACKER offers two cracking modes at two different prices. You can run your job against half of our CPU cluster for $17 US, or you can run it against the entire cluster for $34 US. The half-mode will take at most 40 minutes to exhaust the entire 135 million word dictionary file.

In order to get started with WPA CRACKER, all you need to have is a pcap file with a WPA handshake in it, the ESSID of the network, and an email address to send the results to. WPA CRACKER accepts pcap file of 10MB size only. So if you have a pcap file greater than 10mb, you might want to strip out irrelevant portions and just keep the WPA handshake portion.

WPA CRACKER-cracks-WPA-PSK-passwords-in-20minutes

Well, if you ask me, if i am someone who uses a WPA protected Wi-fi network and the security of the network is important to me, i will atleast give this service a try. However, one thing has to be noted, if your network password is not a part of the 135 million word dictionary file then this security audit will fail and you won’t get a single cent back.


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