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[Movie Search] Google Showtime gets more features

Thursday, 12 November 2009, 9:03 | Google | 1 Comment | Read 566 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

I earlier wrote about Google Showtime, which allows you to see which all movies are playing in your location. Today, Google has added more features to the movie search module.

Following are the new features added to Google Showtime

Comprehensive movie pages: Deciding what movie to see can take a few searches: What’s it about? How are the reviews? Where is it playing near me? Our new detailed layout brings together all the basic information you need with a plot synopsis, trailer, reviews and photos in the same page.

Genre filters: The new movie pages also give you new ways to explore films by genre and find one you’re in the mood for. Sometimes, you might feel like seeing a sci-fi flick or a romance, but you’re not sure what’s out in theaters. With genre filters you can start browsing right away and quickly find the right movie for you.

Map view: After you’ve chosen a movie, the new map view shows you nearby theaters playing that exact film. You no longer need to do a separate search to find out where you’re going.


Navigate to and start checking out the new features.

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