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[Torrents] Convert Torrents into PNG Images With

Sunday, 26 July 2009, 21:16 | Free, Tools, Torrents | 0 Comment | Read 639 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Ever wanted to hide the torrents ( .torrent files) such that people or search application are not able to find them with regular search programs? If yes, you need to read on further. Earlier in my posts i have discussed TXTor, which is a service that offers the possibility of downloading a torrent file that’s available publicly on the internet as if it were a text file. Also i discussed about Steganography, which was about hiding data behind images and audio, video files.

In this article, i will discuss with you another interesting free web based service called lets you convert a torrent into an image file, with the option to decode it later on.

Hiding any torrent file inside an image using is easy enough. You need to have the .torrent file stored on your local disk.Select the .torrent file less than 250 KB and submit it to using the option available at the homepage of the service.The conversion of the torrent is taken care by .Once the torrent is converted you can easily share it via image hosting services or social networking sites that don’t allow the uploading of .torrent files.

Those who get this image and wish to decode it can do it either using the option available at the homepage of or thorugh a Firefox extension or a bookmarklet ( whichever way suits best). The code for is open source.

Image: Hiding Torrents in PNG images using

Image: Hiding Torrents in PNG images using is a free to use web based service and doesnt require users to download / signup / intall any software.

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