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[How-To] Download Web Browser in Windows 7 E

Friday, 17 July 2009, 18:24 | How-To, Windows | 4 Comments | Read 571 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Windows 7 E is the version of Windows 7 which will be released in Europe and will not be having any in-built browser ( ofcourse, it will have the inbuilt rendering technology for other application, but the browser). While having an OS package without a browser is a pain and the process described in this post is all about how you can ( if you are running Windows 7 E) download a web browser when you run Windows 7 E.

This article describes step by step instructions for downloading and installing a browser in Windows 7 E.

Step 1 – Launch (and configure) Windows Media Player

Throughout the OS, you’ll find references to Windows Media Player. Click one of them. You’ll be welcomed by a wizard that takes a good five minutes to go through, if you don’t choose the Recommended option.

Step 2 – Search for your browser, using the Windows Media Guide

If it isn’t already on your screen, open the Windows Media Guide. You can do this by clicking the very large Media Guide button in the lower-left corner of Windows Media Player. In the upper-right corner of the Guide, type your browser of choice into the Search box. Purely for example purposes, cough, I typed “Firefox”.

Step 3 – Click an ad, download your browser

Upon completion of your search, you’ll be presented with some advertising. We’ll use this to our advantage to hop outside the cage we’re in. Pick an ad, click it. If it doesn’t take you to the manufacturers site in less than a few clicks, go back and pick a different ad. Eventually you’ll end up at the desired location with the binaries you need trickling down to your desktop.

Image: How To Install any Browser in Windows 7E.

Image: How To Install any Browser in Windows 7E.

If the above process sounds like a pain too, the easiest way i can think of  is that you download a browser before installing Windows 7 E, next, copy it to a USB thumb drive or any other external device, and just plug it in after the OS is up and running and install the browser from the USB device.


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