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[Google] Posts Better Than Expected Q2 Revenue. (Revenue:$4.07 billion)

Friday, 17 July 2009, 9:34 | Google | 0 Comment | Read 270 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Google has posted a better than expected Q2 result.The search giant reported second quarter revenue as $4.07 billion from $3.9 billion.Google’s profit rose 19 per cent to $1.48 billion from $1.25 billion a year ago.

Eric Schmidt , CEO of Google said

Google had a very good quarter, especially given the continued macro-economic downturn.  While most of the world’s largest economies shrank, Google’s year-over-year revenues were up 3%.  These results highlight the enduring strength of our business model and our responsible efforts to manage expenses in a way that puts us in a good position for the economic upturn, when it occurs.

Another very interesting fact which must have helped Google post better results is cost cutting. Google employed 378 lesser employees ( full time) than it did on March 31st 2009.

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