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[WordPress] Download and Test WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2

Saturday, 27 June 2009, 12:02 | Wordpress | 0 Comment | Read 598 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

WordPress is being quick enough with fixing the bugs which got introduced in WordPress 2.8 release. The latest beta release WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2 is now up for downloads and testing. WordPress has specially requested in its blog post that plugin developers test their plugins against the beta 2 release and let them know if they see any issues.

Some of the major fixes done in WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2 are

  • Translation of role names fixed.
  • wp_page_menu() defaults to sorting by the user specified menu order rather than the page title.
  • Upload error messages are now correctly reported.
  • Autosave error experienced by some IE users is fixed.
  • Styling glitch in the plugin editor fixed.
  • SSH2 filesystem requirements updated.
  • Switched back to curl as the default transport.
  • Updated the translation library to avoid a problem with.
  • mbstring.func_overload.

Download WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2.


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