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[How-To] Add Embeddable Audio Player On Your Website With Yahoo Media Player

Sunday, 10 May 2009, 21:02 | Free, Tools, web | 4 Comments | Read 1219 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Yahoo Media Player enhances your web site or blog by creating an embedded player for each audio link. All the audio links can be played with one click, turning the webpage into a playlist. 

In order to add embeddable audio player to your blog or website follow the steps mentioned below. These steps will lead to addition of support for Yahoo Media Player to your website, which will later be used for playback of audio.

1.) Link to the Audio

Insert one or more anchor elements containing the URL of an audio file into your web page. For example:

Links to the audio are generally href pointers. 

2.) Embedding the Yahoo Media Player

Player can be embedded by adding the script code to your pages


3.) Use the Player

This play button will appear next to each of your audio links: Play Button

Press a play button. The Yahoo! Media Player will open:

Image: Embedding Yahoo Media Player for Audio playback

Image: Embedding Yahoo Media Player for Audio playback

Advantages of Using Yahoo Media Player

1.) Yahoo Media Player adds audio to your site with one line of HTML.

2.) Uses simple, easy-to-hack HTML instead of complicated proprietary markup, ushering in the REAL Media Web.

3.) Magical floating design never gets lost, is available when you need it, gets out of your way when you don’t need it.

4.) Automatically finds all audio links on your page, turning your page into a playlist.

5.) Plays all your blog entries with a single button click.

6.) Allows you to put the play buttons where they belong: IN CONTEXT.

7.) Keeps the user in the page rather than sending them away to a media player.

8.) Picks up your images and adds them as cover art.

9.) Requires no download, install or maintenance.

So if you are someone who has audio files and would like to add support on your blog or website for playback of those audio files, i would recommend that you do give Yahoo Media Player a try.

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  • tipu

    I am very happy to get it

  • Jason Wiwwus

    So do you just past that code into the html of your page? Does yahoo media player work with any audio linked on your page?

  • Guest

    This is another new information for me. Thank you for the update on Yahoo Media Player.

  • hawook

    Thank you for the thoughtful review. The main advantage of html5 player seems to be for embedding rich media such as audio and video in modern browsers. Although, the structure elements seem to be useful. CSS3 seems to be headed in the right direction, leaving many possibilities for implementation and creativity,