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[Webware] Gantter is a Free Web-Based Project Management Tool

Monday, 27 April 2009, 13:36 | Free, Tools, web | 0 Comment | Read 1019 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Gantter is a web based utility that provides Gantt chart project planning and much of the basic functionality of Microsoft Project for free. Gantter is an easy to use tool and the look and feel is more of the Microsoft Project, except for the fact that it comes for free.

Just like in Microsoft Project you start by adding tasks, setting dependencies between them (Finish-to-Start, Start-to-Start, Finish-to-Finish, Start-to-Start), indenting them to create summary tasks. Then you add resources, modify their calendars if necessary, assign resources to tasks.

Apart from the usual features, Gantter also supports many advanced features like:

  • Allows you to Plan your project either from its start date or its finish date.
  • Mark tasks as milestones.
  • Set task deadlines.
  • Set task constraints: As soon as possible, As late as possible, Start no earlier than, Start no later than, Finish no earlier than, Finish no later than, Must start on, Must finish on.
  • Set task types: Fixed Units, Fixed Duration or Fixed Work, set Effort driven flag when applicable.
  • Set lag time and lead time between tasks.

With Gantter, you can plan and estimate your Project for its work,duration, cost etc by splitting the Project into a number of Tasks. You can even review your plan by using a Gantt Chart. Gantter also allows you to control your project’s progress by setting percentage (%) completed values to each tasks. This can prove very helpful when reviewing critical tasks.

Image: Free Web Based Project Management Tool, Gantter

Image: Free Web Based Project Management Tool, Gantter

Another interesting feature which comes with Gantter is the ability to import files from Microsoft Project, however, for this to work, you must ensure that the .mpp file is first saved as XML.Also, when it comes to the project plans created with Gantter,Gantter saves the result in MS Project’s XML format, which means that you can open Gantter projects in MS Project.

Try out Gantter, Web Based Project Management Tool


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