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[How-To] Stop Automatic Redirects To Other Websites with Firefox 3

Sunday, 18 January 2009, 22:24 | How-To | 29 Comments | Read 10302 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

At times some websites redirect users to other websites for various purposes. However, the important thing is that many scam websites often use this practise to plant spywares and malwares on user’s computers. With Firefox 3 you can prevent such behaviour by following the steps mentioned below. 

1.) Open your Firefox 3 instance. 

2.) Click on Tools. Next Click on Options.

3.) Click on Advanced tab. Click on sub tab called General. 


Image: Stop Automatic redirects with Firefox 3.

Image: Stop Automatic redirects with Firefox 3.

4.) Select the checkbox which says ” Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page”. 

5.) Click on Ok.

Once you have setup the feature after following the steps as mentioned above, Firefox will report redirects to other websites with an information bar, the bar will have an option for you to either approve or disapprove the behaviour. 


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  • DataMan

    Thanks for the tip. I learned about this feature when I found this site while Googling for Firefox redirects a few weeks ago. But I didn’t like how this blocked all redirects with no way to whitelist, and it didn’t stop server-based redirects, which are even more annoying. I kept searching, and it looks like there is a new Firefox extension, NoRedirect, that stops redirects selectively, both server-based and META tag:

  • John

    What a useless tip. It is already enabled by default and it does nothing.

  • Juste

    Good day sir,
    i have been using ultrasurf to visit numerous website but to my gratest supprise i could not visit tchating pages like , , , and many other website to dialog and share ideas with other friend around the world
    I was wondering if it is a security set by ULTRASURF.
    thanks in advance

  • Synol

    Thanks for this article. Seems that more and more webpages are using automatic redirects. This will save a lot of wasted time going back to a page I was on just because some crappy ad they had forced my page to redirect elsewhere.

  • Erin

    Useless. Doesn’t stop redirects at all. How can you call this helpful?

  • David Singhiser

    Didn’t help. I think I have a virus. I get redirected when I go to the subscription site Traffic Geyser. There is no reason they would want to redirect me to another site that has nothing to do with them.

  • Allan C

    is anyone really listening to this problem .. H E Y … mozilla we need help with these page hijacks … come on help already ..

  • omg


  • anon

    This is working for me so far. I’m not sure why it isn’t working for anyone else.

  • jani

    is there any browser that can stop automatic redirects? apparently mozilla cannot

  • queenhunter

    No chit no help, have had a post on firefox help support for 5 days now and no response.And to make matters worse, evry dam time I get an update more probs.I always say no and turn them off but mozilla and adobe continue to prompt me. so 1 time I say yes, and the chit has
    adware trojans in it.

    again this solves nothing

  • Lucky

    I’ve been trying to access this certain website but it always directs me to another page. When I was in Singapore I could still check and browse through the website perfectly but when I went back to Dubai yesterday it takes me to a different page! If I type it automatically takes me to
    which is just links to the malls where aeropostale is located here in Dubai.

    How can I stop this? I am running out of patience coz when I tried to use my workmate’s laptop it does the same! Please help!!!

  • Krazzi1

    Start button..Control panel..Internet options..Security the custom button.. scroll down half way to “Allow Meta Refresh” and disable it


    thanks man
    i was looking for this article to unblock site redirects xD

  • seth green

    I am surfing and I have 6 – 10 pages open, and I click a thumbnail and a site with a black page comes up with a php at the end of the url. It changes all my other open pages to new ones… What the F… I have all the add ons for fire fox wont stop it… and that page shows no records with a search and has nothing on it…

  • Mike

    Just go to google chrome, since mozilla cant to crap about this, they are not helping anyone, they deserve to lose they’re company because they don’t deserve to have one.

  • http://na bob

    to karzz1: meta refresh disable at internet options , did NOT work either

  • coveredwaif

    This did work very well for me. THANK YOU!

  • gheebee

    When I encounter a redirect, I copy the site’s url, then block the site in Firefox under the privacy tab; works the same in IE8. I’m testing IE9(beta)and IE9 it wont stay running long enough to block anything.

  • Rachel Anderson

    Nothing works. Every post on here I have tried and the goddamable sites still redirect. NO it is not “all” sites just crappy ones when I search google and follow a link and then that site loads fine then suddenly IT it redirecting to ads for revenue.

    I want to really find a way to STOP that execution.

    Firefox in the history back button will show the URL for the link I did want, then the word Redirect and then the NEW URL. it will NEVER stay on the page I click, it will ALWAYS go to the Redirect unless I time the red X fast enough to get it to load the main page and STOP before it runs the redirect code.

    Now, if there are people smart enough to write that code how come no one is smart enough to STOP it?

  • RichardL

    I don’t understand this, I think it is a problem with web-sites not on my computer? It happens in IE and Firefox(FF). Sometimes the FF thing to stop it works and offers return to previous page. When the redirect happens it says ‘redirect’ or ‘jump’ in the tab-bar. If I press ‘back’ frantically it goes back, maybe too far, but then forward will go to the right place without redirecting. It never (?) redirects the next time because they are using a cookie to prevent redirection twice? Where is hack? Have all these web-sites really been hacked to add the hijack?

  • Rolls

    I too have struggled with this constant redirect problem. I have tried just about every virus/spyware/malware software I find and none have fixed the problem. So I have just been trying different browsers and so far, it seems that Opera is the only one that this does not happen on.

    I am just having to get use to the different layout because I have been using I.E. forever. So I guess until I.E. and MS get their crap together, I will stay with Opera. It’s also faster which I see as a bonus!

  • Rolls

    Okay, I have continued working on this problem for hours, trying just about everything out there. But, I have good news for anyone else dealing with this I.E. redirect problem.

    I was turned on to a program by the name of Hitman Pro. Here is a link to their site:

    You don’t need to but it because it’s free to try and actually cleans up anything it finds, (instead, once a problem is found and listed for you, you have to go ahead and buy the software to clean things up. This software does not do that.

    But, with how good it has worked for me so far, I will be purchasing it when the free trial period ends. Hopefully this will work for you as well.

  • Ken

    not 100 % foolproof, unftly..

  • Zaiah0703

    i still got redirected, and got a spyware

  • Ferty

    this does not work

  • Iosif Gagyi Palffy

    i deleted the redirect that my client used temporarily but it still redirects in Firefox 11 (on my PC), but not on IE9, i also deleted the cookies related to it

  • Winston Cortez

    Firefox will report redirects to other websites with an information
    bar, the bar will have an option for you to either approve or disapprove
    the behaviour.