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[How-To] Open Password Protected PDF with Freeware PDF Unlocker

Thursday, 8 January 2009, 10:16 | How-To, Tools | 30 Comments | Read 9088 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

If you are struggling with Opening a Password Protected PDF, you can use Freeware PDF Unlocker to remove the password protection from the PDF and use it like any other PDF.

Usually PDF passwords are of two types

Type 1 A password that restricts some functions. Such as printing, copy & paste. This is the most common type of password set.

Type 2 A password to open the file for reading the PDF. This kind of password is usually set in PDF’s sent by banks, mutual fund companies etc.

Image: Using Freeware PDF Unlocker to open Password Protected PDF

Image: Using Freeware PDF Unlocker to open Password Protected PDF

With Freeware PDF Unlocker you can unlock both these types of passwords. In order to remove passwords from Password Protected PDF, follow the steps below

1. Download and Install Free PDF Unlocker.

2. Once Installed, you would see the Freeware PDF Unlocker Icon on your Desktop.

Image: Opening Password Protected PDF

Image: Opening Password Protected PDF

3. In order to remove passwords of first type which restricts some functions etc…simply drag and drop the Password Protected PDF on to the link on your desktop.

For Removing Passwords of Type 2.

4. If you wish to open a password protected PDF of type 2 wherein a password is required to open the file for reading the PDF.  If you wish to remove the password restriction from the PDF (lets assume you wish to send this PDF to a client without any password), you must be aware of the password which is required to open this PDF.  If you do not know the password to open the PDF, you wont be able to remove the password restriction from this PDF. Follow the steps below to remove the “password restriction for opening PDF’s” below.

Image: Opening Password Protected PDF

Image: Opening Password Protected PDF

5.) Right click Remove PDF Password link and choose edit.

6.) Directly after -sPDFPassword=

Place open password, without quotes. Close and save file.

7.) Then drag and drop the PDF on to the link on your desktop. This will give you a new file with no password restrictions. This ways, next time when you open the PDF, it wont ask you for a password.

8.) Do not forget to remove the password after -sPDFPassword= .It must be blank for type 1 passwords.

You just learnt how to open password protected PDF using Freeware PDF Unlocker. Download Freeware PDF Unlocker.

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  • YoAdobe

    PDF files of type 1 can also be unlocked online for free at!

  • happykaka

    PDF password unlocker is also very smart to remove passwords from password protected PDF file.
    it decrypts password protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which have “owner” password set, preventing the file from editing(changing), printing, selecting text and graphics. Decryption is being done instantly. Decrypted file can be opened in any PDF viewer without any restrictions
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  • Anil

    Good stuff. I searched the Net. Finally got what I wanted. Quite simple. Thanks a TON.

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  • ken

    So whats its use ?

    Type 2 is funny , Remove password with password …wat a crap

  • Jackie

    Worked like a charm! Perfect unlocker. Thank you soooooo much! You’ve saved me so much time.

  • Rajeel

    I loves this article and is very helpful. Will surely post this in my blog :)

  • Al

    I finally opened a secured pdf file after trying several “baited” free software.
    Thanks a lot!!

  • KM

    The output file I got was empty. The original had 4 pages.

  • mark

    You can use PDF Password Remover to Reremove password-protection or encryption from the PDF

    document. Advanced PDF Password Remover is a free tool which removes encryption from PDF files.

    It removes all the basic restrictions on printing, copying and editing the content of PDF files.

    It also removes password protection, if any, from the file.

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  • phoney

    what a crap. it cannot handle password-protected pdf unless you already know that password!

  • Vaibhav

    Phoney — Guess you didnt read the instructions clearly.

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  • Fred

    This software doesn’t work do not waste your time with it.


  • Raditsch

    this crap does NOT work. it generates an “unlocked” pdf, which ist totally empty. Very funny. :-(

  • Pamlella Alford

    Give at free try to this professional utility to unlock your secured pdf files. i has worked for me saved my whole day reworking on one of my pdf.

  • Alford Pamella

    Here is answer to all your questions.

  • John Anderson

    Thanks Pamella, You are absolutely right. has an ultimate utility.

  • Daruntim

    Thanks for post!
    And with PDF unlocker it is guaranteed that you unlock PDF within a few steps: choose the search method, choose the type of the password to unlock, and start the search!

  • Daruntim

    You Still Wondering how to unlock PDF? With  PDF unlocker it is an easy thing to do. It will quickly and conveniently open PDF files protected either with “Owner” passwords or “User” ones.
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  • Jaquline Fernandez

    Here comes the ultimate utility that removes all PDF restrictions & works in all scenarios and available on best price as well.
    Excellent product.

  • Damado

    Pamlella Alford, Alford Pamella and John Anderson: your recommended software (Estelar) doesn’t unlock files protected by “opening” password.

  • Dhana Sekar

    this software is not working…….

  • Vaibhav Pandey

    Hi Dhana,

    I recommend you to Try Stellar Phoenix PDF Password Recovery software, you can reset the PDF password too. 
    Vaibhav Pandey

  • Bill Hawkins

    A password to open the file for reading the PDF. This kind of password
    is usually set in PDF’s sent by banks, mutual fund companies etc.