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[How-To] Access Blocked Websites using UltraSurf

Wednesday, 24 December 2008, 15:40 | How-To, Tools | 3 Comments | Read 2023 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

There are definitely multiple ways of accessing blocked websites, however, the one that is interesting me most these days revolves around Accessing Blocked Websites Using UltraSurf. 

UltraSurf is a small, handy tool that uses advanced technology to protect users’ online privacy and reach any blocked public web site with just a few mouse clicks. Its daily service has never been blocked thus far, and provides a unique window for Internet users in countries like Saudi Arabia, China and others  who are eager to catch a glimpse of uncensored news from the outside world. 

UltraSurf, comes in as a small exe which can be downloaded from here. Once you have downloaded this exe, you can save this on your portable USB Drive for future use. UltraSurf, by default works with Internet Explorer. However, it can be used with Firefox and other browsers as well. 

In order to start accessing blocked websites with UltraSurf, you need to download UltraSurf and instantiate it by double clicking on it. Now on, when you place a request in Internet Explorer, UltraSurf routes the request internally via the fastest proxy.

Image: Using UltraSurf to Access Blocked Websites

Image: Using UltraSurf to Access Blocked Websites

Interestingly, UltraSurf also supports secure anonymous browsing, uploading and downloading of data files, streaming audio and video, and secure email transmissions etc. All traffic is encrypted for privacy. UltraSurf’s anti-blocking ability and guaranteed connection and re-connection capability are unique, and the most effective among all anti-censorship packages available today. No installation process or changes to system settings are required.

If you wish to configure UltraSurf to work with Firefox or other browsers, add as the proxy. 

Important to note is the fact that if you use any Proxy Server to access Internet ( Like your Office Lan proxy), then you will also have to configure UltraSurf’s proxy settings accordingly.

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