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[How-To] Embed Google Docs Forms in your Blog

Thursday, 15 May 2008, 9:40 | Google | 25 Comments | Read 3236 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

Sometime back Google Docs added Forms feature to spreadsheet. Starting yesterday, Google Docs has integrated the embedding feature with the Google Spreadsheet.

Google Docs Logo

Now you can embed the same form into your website or blog. This answers the most important question ” How do i embed my form into my blog or website? ” The form inputs leads to the updation of the spreadsheet.

To create a Google Docs form to embed in your website or blog follow the steps mentioned below

1.) Create a spreadsheet with the form fields you wish to expose in the form.

Embed Google Docs Form into your Blog or Website

2.) Save the Spreadsheet.

3.) Click on link called Share and select the form feature

Google Docs Embedded in Blog or Website

4.) Copy the embed code and paste it in your blog or website where you wish this form to be displayed.

Another step which proves that fact that we just don’t need web versions of our desktop software. We, as end users need web software that takes advantage of being online.

[Update] : Inside Adsense blog has also come out with an interesting post on this topic. For further step by step  on this, follow this link from Google Docs Support.

[Update 2] In case if you are having issues with saving the embed code which contains iFrame in your WordPress blog, the hack for the same is mentioned below

1.) Copy the embed code containing iFrame.

2.) Switch to the HTML view on your WordPress blog composition windows instead of the Visual view.

3.) Paste the embed code and do not move back to the Visual screen. Visual screen by default removes the source code which is not in the allowed list.

4.) Publish the post with the iFrame code. ( Remember, do not switch to the Visual tab, else, you will lose the iFrame code)

Also read: Google adds Forms Feature to Spreadsheets

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  • Hamilton

    Thanks for the instructional update! It looks like this will be a great feature for basic form usage. For embedded Google forms on steroids see:

  • ggratton

    Hi Vaibhav,
    I’m eager to use the embedded forms feature at my WordPress blog, but all I get is the embed code, not the form. Any ideas? thanks!

  • Vaibhav Pandey

    Hi Ggraton,
    The embedded source is in theory enough for you to go ahead with embedding the form onto your blog. However, as doesn’t support iframe and javascript… you might not be able to use this feature :(

    @Hamilton: Thanks for the comment and that valuable link.

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  • dil okullari

    it looks like a nice site, but it would better with multi language support, for example spanish.. but thanks..

  • dil okullari

    thanks a lot for this nice web site. it would be better with other languages, bur thanks..

  • Naveen

    what is the alternative, if the wordpress not support the embedded code of google docs. I want it to use with my wordpress page desperately….

    please reply if you can help me.


  • admin

    Hi Naveen
    I am not sure if you can use it with your blog. If you are on a hosted blog, you can always use the embed code provided to embed the form.

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  • sam


    i am trying to embed a google excel file into my website. but I am not able to so far. I am not very familier with HTML or anything.. would you help

  • sam


    i am trying to embed a google excel file into my website. but I am not able to so far. I am not very familiar with HTML or anything.. would you help

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  • marybeth @

    Thank you!!! This is very helpful :)

  • Gilad


    Our wordpress account is hosted with and for some reason it doesn’t seem to allow us to embed the iframe code even when we do as you suggest. Have you come across this? Do you know how to fix it?



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