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[How-to] Block access to Control Panel in Windows XP

Saturday, 3 May 2008, 15:05 | Tutorials | 4 Comments | Read 2483 Times
by Vaibhav Pandey

A friend of mine, who runs his cyber cafe in Bangalore asked me this question yesterday. As his computers are used by other users, he wanted to block access to the control panel. In this post, i will explain how you can block access to Control Panel in Windows XP.

Follow the steps mentioned below to block access to Control Panel in Windows XP. This setting prevents Control.exe, the program file for Control Panel, from starting. As a result, users cannot start Control Panel or run any Control Panel items.

1.) Click on Start –> Run.


2.) Type in GPEDIT.msc and hit Enter.

3.) Group Policy window is displayed.

Blocking access to control panel

4.) Navigate to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel

5.) Double click on Prohibit Access to the Control Panel and select Disabled from the options.

Blocking Control Panel Access in Windows XP

6.) Select Apply and then OK.

7.) Restart your PC for the effect to take place.

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  • http://technofriends mahesh

    how to block Gmail in wondows xp

  • Bonnie

    Will the main user be able to access control panel if they need too, and if so how does this keep other people from accessing control panel if you can?

  • Mom-n-Dad

    Our child has a “limited” account. We (the Parents) have an admin account. How does this feature affect the Admin and Limited account? If we turn Control Panel off (or any of its sub-features, I want to be able to turn them back on at a later time.

    Thank you,

  • daler singh

    how can i block usb port.