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Google’s OpenSocial:It will hit Facebook where it matters the most.

Thursday, 1 November 2007, 17:55 | Facebook, Free, Google, Hi5, How-To, iGoogle, LinkedIn, open, Open Source, OpenSocial, Orkut,, Technology, Tips, Tools, Tricks, Tutorials | 3 Comments | Read 363 Times
by vaibhav

I first heard of OpenSocial on Dorai’s blog. This concept just took me off and i then thought of doing a few more googling on this.

OpenSocial is a set of common APIs for building social applications on the web. These common APIs mean that developers only have to learn once in order to start building social applications for multiple websites, and any website will be able to implement OpenSocial and host social applications.


Open Social according to me will hit Facebook where it matters the most, Writing applications. It will allow developers to write applications with ease and deploy them on any social network. Amazing…right?

Google will announce its new social networking initiative, Open Social on Thursday. Joining Google and its Orkut social network are other partners such as XING, Friendster, hi5, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Newsgator and Ning.

Stay tuned for more. Details in my coming posts.

[Source: GigaOm]



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